Mise à l’honneur - Présentation du young ESTRO (yESTRO)

Publié le 01 Mar 2024 à 15:00
Article paru dans la revue « SFJRO / le mag » / SFJRO N°5

First of all, who are you and how do you define yourself ?

We are the yESTRO committee of ESTRO, the European Society of Radiation Oncology. Our aim is to ensure and increase the relevance of ESTRO for young or early career radiation oncology professionals. yESTRO has 12 committee members from various countries in Europe, representing the four major disciplines, RTTs, radiation oncologists, physicists and biologists.

What do you stand for ?

In 2022 we realized that as a committee we were doing a lot, but lacked focus. Therefore we developed a strategy. We would like to achieve that all young European Radiation Oncology professionals feel at home in ESTRO, and that young members are being prepared to lead ESTRO and the profession into the 2030’s.

“Feeling at home” refers to that young Radiation Oncology professionals know what ESTRO can do for them and what they can do for ESTRO and feel comfortable contributing.

“Are being prepared to lead” underlines the importance of young professionals for the future of ESTRO and the profession and highlights the need for professional programs for leadership development.

“yESTRO” is pronounced “yes-tro” and ymembers include members:

> Below 40 years of age; or

> Having less than 10 years’ post-training experience in radiation oncology (e.g. finishing professional training or a PhD); or

> Presenting individual circumstances that justify a theoretical deduction to their age and/or the number of years post-training (e.g., career breaks or professional transition) to below 40 years of age or less than 10 year's post–training experience

How do you achieve these objectives in practical terms ?

Our strategy has three focus areas. The first focus area is Connection. To facilitate connection between young members other ESTRO members and the ESTRO society. Our second focus area is professional and personal development. With a focus on mentorship, leadership development and mental health. Our third focus area is to detect and improve. Detect and improve has led to e.g. the ESTRO mentoring program, a professional well being workshop and various studies into burnout and diversity, equity and inclusion. 1.5 years ago we launched the Opinion Panel, a group of 200+ young members, that help us to detect what needs to be improved. We would welcome you to join by answering 3 to 4 times per year a 10 minute survey! More info can be found on our website. Currently the detect and improve focus area focuses on the workforce shortages within the European radiation oncology community.